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Photograph of a shopping cart.
Photograph of a shopping cart.

This page is about online shopping and the cart to shop with.

The cart page here on Gay Fine Art is the place for anyone to add items that they have selected for purchase.

Basket Delineated

Images of the online shopping basket carry the message of a place that you purchase goods and service on the Internet. I have figurative drawn a message from this because all writing is in reality a delineation. Thus, the story line, or delineation of the cart will make more sense in the lines that follow.

The shopping basket have for years been a symbol of gathering items that you have selected and then going to the check out to secure your purchase of these items. For years shoppers around the world either go to the store and make purchases or order things from a catalog such as Sears, Penny’s, or Eddie Bauer. Now with the advent of the Internet, shoppers are able to shop at home and instead of using a shopping cart they simply pick a few points on the website and make their purchases. This is now the world of the online shopping cart.

The basket is an online image associated with the purchase link. Images of baskets can vary, but they all carry the same meaning, which is make your selection and place here. The cart are very convenient and sophisticated. For example, you can now shop for “T-shirts” online and go through the various colors and sizes and as you go add them to your cart. This now means that you can literally purchase hundreds of items at one sitting without going out to the store or writing checks. The credit card has now become the tool that works best with the basket because it offers an easy wayb to sercure the funds for your purchase.