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Hard Cock And Balls Pencil Drawing #107C

Pencil figure drawing of a large, erect, harry penis, and balls. The shaft of the cock is massive with thick veins all over it.

This post is about a pencil drawing of an uncut hard cock and harry balls called “The Cannon”.

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The theme of the post is gay male art.

Hard Harry Cock Delineated

I started this drawing with a light pencil sketch because I knew that this would be a pencil drawing. After I finished the preliminary sketch I started to draw the outline with contour lines. This drawing is unusual because the contour lines are so will blended with the hatch lines that you cannot see the difference. Under the crown of the cock is the darkest point of the drawing because it is in the shade.

The entire penis is covered in lead pencil tones because I used soft shading leads. Hatched lines are used all over cock, but below the crown and behind the harry balls are the darkest points. The hatch lines are very important because they give a three dimensional look to the penis. Some of the hatch lines are dark and other are light because of the high contrast light on the penis.

Hard-on Penis As Sex Object

There are many fine and beautiful points on this penis, but the majesty of the uncut foreskin jutting out at you wins the prize. The rendering of the foreskin is mouth watering and every gay man and boy would stand in line to get their mouth and tongue on it. Further, it would be a dream come true for any gay man to have this giant cock fuck him in the ass hard!

The nick name for this drawing is “The Cannon” and you can see why. This massive cock is a joy to behold and has many good memories for me. I will remember every line that I made when I drew this glories penis.

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Guillotine Execution Of A Gay Man Pen & ink Drawing #130C

Pen & ink drawing of a guillotine. This has been the instrument of death for BDSM villains of gay men.

This post is about a pen & ink drawing of the execution of a gay man by guillotine.

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The theme of this drawing is BDSM mutilation.

Guillotine Delineated

It is not often that I draw a guillotine but the time has now come. I have made use of contour lines to draw the outline of the quillotine becasue that gives form to the structure. The head chopper is the dominant form in the drawing. The two male figures in the drawing seem insignificant in comparison to the size of the head chopper.

I have made use of contour lines to draw the outling of the weapon because it is linear in shape. The contour lines work best with solid forms because thay are bold.

Head Chopper Hatched

I have used hatched lines all around the head chopper because it needs to be formed. The hatched lines are short and all over the weapon. The base of the head chopper is done with vertical strokes because the base is horizontal. The posts of the head chopper are done with horizontal strokes because the posts are vertical. Hatching the drawing is good because it make the image of the head chopper look strong. I am careful not to make too many hatch lines because they will make the rendering too dark and hard to understand. Once you put an ink line down you cannot remove it because the Inda ink is permanent.

For the best results in makeing a good drawing you have to work both the contour lines with the hatched because they compliment each other. If you draw with only contour line the images will seem flat and two dimensional because they are used for outlines. However, if you use hatch lines in conjunction with the contour lines they will make solid forms with shade and shadows.

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Pen & Ink Drawing Of Gay Nude Men In A Struggle #132C

Pen & ink figure drawing of three nude men in a struggle. The have hard bodies with muscular torsos and 6-pack set of abs.

This post is about a pen & ink drawing of nude men in a struggle.

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The theme of this drawing is gay male drawings.

Nude Men Delineated

Drawing nude and naked men has always been at the top of my joy list. The sheer pleasure that I get from drawing these beautiful men and boys is always rewarding. This pen & ink drawing is a lovely work of art that has male beauty being riveted against the struggle for gay male sexual dominance.

The first thing that I did was to draw a light pencil sketch of the figure because this lays the foundation of the drawing. After I have finished the sketch I start to draw the outline of the figures with contour lines of pen & ink. The contour lines are the formative part of the drawing because the make the figure real. This can be seen in the arms of the two men to the left side of the rendering. The man on the far left is keeping the other man in restraint so that he cannot move. The bold contour lines are clearly see here because they are thick.

Hatch lines are used for making shade and shadows because they give body to the figures. I never put too many hatch lines in a drawing because it can make the drawing too dark and difficult to look at or understand. This drawing has a lot of hatched line because the background is dark. The figures in the drawing also have a lot of hatched lines on their thin fit bodies. The physique of the two men on the left if muscular and fit because they are athletic. The cute boy on the right is thin because he does not have a chiseled torso or 6-pack abs.

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Pen & Ink Drawing Of A Naked Gay Man #133C

Pen & ink figure drawing of nude gay man standing. He has a hard body with muscular torso and 6-pack set of abs.

This post is about a naked gay man pen & ink drawing.

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The theme of the rendering is gay sex.

Naked Gay Man Delineated

I always take great joy in drawing a nude man. This pen & ink drawing required a lot of ink because of the dark shadows in the background. This very hot boy has a striking appearance as he stands stark naked right in front of you. The boy’s male beauty is everywhere to be seen because he is young and fair. His penis is the focal point of the drawing because it is the lightest point on his body.

His hard body torso leaves nothing to be desired because he has everything. He is standing in front of the ladder because I wanted it to be a background support to his image. Contour lines were used to make the outline of his body because they detail the figure. When I am finished with the contour lines I fill in the shade and shadows with hatched lines. When you look at the drawing you can see hatched lines everywhere. The curve of his pecs, and the details of his abs are all done with hatched lines. The background area behind his back is the darkest spot in the drawing because it needed a lot of hatched lines.

Hatched lines are well distributed all over the drawing because that give an even tone to the rendering. It is important not to hatch too much or it will darken the drawing and make it difficult to understand. Pen & inks are very unforgiving and once you draw a line is is final because the India ink is permanent. Therefore, it is prudent to hold back on hatch and take it very slowly because once you put it down you cannot take it back.

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Gay Shirtless Male Pen & Ink Drawing #113C

Pen & ink drawing of a hot shirtless male. He has a muscular torso with a chiseled set of abs and firm pecs. He is cute.

This post is about a pen & ink drawing of a gay shirtless male.

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The theme of this post is gay boys.

Gay Shirtless Male Delineated

It is always a pleasure to draw gay shirtless men and boys because they are so cute to look at. Everything about this boy is beutiful because that is the rule of nature. He has a wonderful smile and a cheerful face. This young man enjoys life because it shows in his happy face.

I have done the outline of his body with contour lines because they give form to the figure. To give body to the image I have used hatched lines because they offer shade and shadows. If you look at the drawing you can see the hatched lines under his raised arms and ribs. I have also put hatch line on his pecs because they are firm.

Barechested Gay Boy And Sex

Sex is the underlying theme of this drawing, because the drawing shows the boy’s sexual persona. The drawing has great sex appeal because it does not reveal any sex organs. The most beautiful part of a man is his face and torso and not his penis because they are majestic. The penis possesses little to no beauty because it is not meant to be seen. The face and torso on the other hand are meant to be seen because they call out for sexual attraction. A penis is meant to be felt not seen because it becomes flaccid when it is not sexually stimulated.

This rendering brings out the sexual persona of the boy by using lines to display his beautiful physique. A drawing is like a picture with a thousand words because it is organic.

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Hot Gay Boy Getting A Jizz Facial #129C

Pen & ink figure drawing of a young gay boy getting a cum facial. His mouth is opened, and tongue is sticking out for jizz.

This post is about a hot gay boy getting a jizz facial.

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The drawing is outlined with contour lines.

Jizz Facial Delineated

It is always a joy to draw cum shooting over a hot gay boy’s face and into his mouth. This drawing has it’s focus in two sections because there is a space beteeen the figures. On the left side of the drawing is the fuck buddy of the boy jacking off holding his cock. On the right side of the drawing is the head of the boy tilted back with his eyes closed, mouth open, and tongue sticking way out to receive his buddy’s cum.

Most of the lines in the drawing are contour lines because they out line the figure. A few sections of the figure have hatched lines to show the shade and shadows. The contour lines are the most important lines because they form the structure of the figures. Hatched lines are subordinate to contour lines because they fill in the details. Hatch lines are under the boys chin, behind his head, and on the underside of the hand of his fuck buddy.

Cum Facial Sex

Gay facials are not sex in the strict sense of the word because there is not intercouse. However, the best part about sex is all the various sexual activities that coincide with intercouse. Oral sex is at the very top of sex forplay because it whets the appetite for intercouse. A jizz facial is a fine way to enjoy sex, and this drawing show this exactly. In the drawing you can see that the boy is very willing to sit back and take in the loads of jizz from his buddy. The boy’s tongue sticking way out gives away the message of gay lust because he is willing to receive the cum.

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Flaccid Cock Uncut Watercolor #127C

Pen & ink watercolor of a large uncut flaccid penis. The cock his very big with big hairy balls and thick veins on the shaft.

This post is about a watercolor pen & ink drawing of a flaccid cock of a gay man.

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The cock and balls is rendered with contour and hatched lines.

Flaccid Cock Delineated

It gives me the greatest pleasure to do drawings and watercolor of penises and balls. This penis is not totally flaccid but rather a bit on the plump side. You can clearly see the large shaft and balls all in place. A penis when it is totally flaccid shivel up to a very small size. When a man goes swimming in cold water, his penis gets very small. This rendering of the large cock is more inflated, yet still flaccid and not ready to ejaculate sperm or cum. The way that the cock hangs make it look lovely. The large size of the harry balls give support to the image of the penis because it is large.

Soft Dick Hatched

What makes this rendering of the penis stand out is the hatched lines for making shade and shadows. The drawing was first commenced with a light pencil sketch of the entire penis and balls. After I got the image sketched out I started to use pen & ink to delineate the outline of the figure of the cock and balls. When I finished with the first applicaton of pen & ink contour lines I started to use hatched lines becasue that give depth to the figure. Hatch lines are the small fine lines that are aligned together to form shading because they are small. If you look closely at the drawing you can see that there are a lot of small hatched lines alll along the back side of the cock and against the harry balls. This is the darkest region of the drawing and need to be shaded in.

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Gay Satan Man Torture BDSM #104C

Pencil Figure drawing of a naked man with an erection in Satan's dungeon. He has a chiseled torso and fit abs.

This post is about a pencil drawing of a gay man being tortured for Satan BDSM torture.

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The theme of the drawing is of Satanic torture. In the drawing you can see Satan standing in the background while his demons have tied up a naked gay man in their dungeon. The hot gay boy is tied standing up with an erection of a giant cock and balls. Satan’s demons are circled around the fit young man as the lust after his sexy body.

The dungeon is dimly lit by torches posted on each side of the entry. There is a Gothic archway at the entrance where you can see the fit boy tied up. His figure dominates the drawing because of the contour lines that give shape to his body and hard cock and harry balls.

Satan BDSM Torture Delineated

I always enjoy doing drawings of Satan and BDSM themes because they bring out the deep rooted lust in man. When I commence the rendering I start by using contour lines because the define the figures. In the drawing above you can see the Satan and his demons are all clearly outline with bold contour lines. Contour lines are the best way to make the figure because the offer definition. There is nothing vague or abstract about contour lines because they are vector based.

Hatched Lines

When working with themes that have a lot of darkness I use a lot of hatched and cross-hatched lines. Hatchec lines are short closely aligned strokes of the pencil. When you look at the drawing above, you can see the rooms that Satan and his minions are in, are very dark. The torches on both sides of the entry offer a dim, shadow filled light. Darkness is the name of the game in the drawing.

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Taking Turns Prison Gang Bang #120C

Pencil drawing of a gay gang bang prison rape of a young hot inmate. Inmates have muscular torsos and fit abs.

This is a pencil figure drawing of a young gay inmate being fucked in the ass in a fuck boy lineup called taking turns.

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The rendering above is done with both contour and hatched lines.

Taking Turns Delineated

It is always my pleasure to draw BDSM fuck parties and gang bangs because I love to see the male body in all its form. I use contour lines to draw the outline of the figures. If you look at the drawing above, you can see the heavy contour lines that make up the figures in the drawing. These lines and figures are bold and strong. Contour lines make the image of the figure correct. To give a three-dimensional look to the figures and the entire scene I use hatched lines. 

Gang Bang Hatched

Look carefully at the figures and you will see small, hatched lines on the bodies of the inmates. These lines give a solid look to the figure and to the room in the background. The inmate to the right of the main figure is cross hatched in this gang bang rendering. Hatching and cross-hatching give life to the figures. The background of the prison cell is very dark to make the figure in the front more dominant.  

Gay Action For Taking Turns

The entire meaning of the drawing is the thrill and beauty of sex. Gay sex is gloried in the rendering because it gives pleasure. Everything about this drawing speaks about gay sex and the beauty of the male body because that is the rule of nature. All the figures in the drawing are happy and having a good time. The tone of the drawing is all upbeat and fun. There is no grief in the rendering at all because they like sex. 

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Gay Man Sacrificed To Satan Pencil Drawing #105C

Pencil figure drawing of a nude gay man being sacrificed to Satan. He has a muscular physique and a 6-pack set of abs.

This is pencil figure drawing of a gay man being made a naked sacrificed to Satan.

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Above is a pencil rendering of a nude male in a Satanic scene.

Gay Man Sacrificed

Satan is happy because is having his demons tie up a hot gay man for a human sacrifice. As the King of Hell, Satan is going to pick the best for his altar, and that is a beautiful gay man. The man has lovely proportions and a comely face. His hard body boasts a chiseled torso with a muscular 6-pack abs, with firm pecs. The man had beautiful proportions and is a wonder to behold.

Nude Offering Delineated

It is always a pleasure for me to draw a naked man. Nothing in all creation is more beautiful than the human male. When I commece a figure drawing like this one I use contour lines. This is because contour lines are bold and outline the figure. I am very careful when I use the contour line because it can make the figures in the rendering look flat or two dimensional.

Hatched Lines

Hatched lines are used to offer shade and shadows to the rendering and give life to the figure. The hot boy being sacrificed in this drawing needs to have shade and shadows to make him look three demensional. Hatch lines are short closely aligned slash marks that are very effective in making shading. Do not use too many hatch lines in the rendering because it will make the drawing look to dark and difficult to understand.

The background of the scene is a study in high contrast lighting. The demonic figures in the front are clear to see because they are in full light. Satan is in the back of the scene and he is surounded by darkness.