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Barkeeper Pen & Ink Figure Drawing #196C

Pen & ink figure drawing of a bartender pouring drinks from a bottle at the bar. He is looking down at the bar and pours.

This post is about a gay barkeeper pen & ink figure drawing.

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The theme of this post is male figures. This bartender is at work pouring drinks to his patrons because he is at work. This is a nice study in contrast lighting because there is a lot of darkness right next to the light.

Head Of The Bartender

The head of the barkeeper is large and full of thick curly hair because he is young. The brightest spot on his head is the forhead over his right eye. The darkest part is on the left side of his chin. His hair is dark and the ear is covered at the top by his hair.

His nose has fine featurs and is not big because his face is proportional to his chest. He is looking down at the drinks that he is pouring because you cannot see his eyes. The eye brows are nice and tapered because he trims them. The barkeeper has a short mustache but no beard. The cross-hatched lines on his face make him look dark.

Barkeeper Torso

His torso is not fully exposed because the bottle and right arm are blocking the view of it. He does not have a large frame because his shoulders are small. The t-shirt that the barkeepr is wearing is dark which adds to the over all darkness of the room.

The Bar

The inside of the bar, or tavern, is dimly lit because there is no direct light source in the room. There is a bright light coming in from the right side of the drawing because the room is darkest on the left side. The ceiling above him has vertical hatch lines running in three rows. Below the hatch ceiling lines are a stack of pans or books to the left of the bartender.