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Nude Boy Showing His Feet Pen & Ink Figure Drawing #142C

Pen & ink drawing of a sexy hot dude laying naked in bed with his beautiful feet. He has a muscular physique and pecs.

This post is about a gay nude boy showing his feet pen & ink figure drawing #142C

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The theme of this post is feet.

Nude Boy Showing His Feet Delineated

This naked boy drawing is a plesure for me to write about here. The drawing shows a fit young man leaning up in bed with his left arm because he is relaxed. At the front of the drawing is positioned his left foot because he wants to sexually arouse us. The foot is just off center to the left side of the composition. There are no pillows or covers on the bed, just sheets. His physique is that of an athlete because all of his muscles are toned in this naked boy drawing.

Head Of The Naked Boy

The head of the young man is handsome and well proportioned because nature made it that way. He has a full head of hair and thick eye brows. He has strong shoulder blades that support his neck and head. On top of his head is a thick body of curly hair that needs to be combed in the naked boy drawing.


The torso of this hot young man is very nice to look at because it is sexy. This young man knows how to take care of his body because he works out. His pecs are firm and his nipples are perfectly aligned with his chest in this naked boy drawing. The linea alba runs right from his pecs to his pelvis. The chest is nicely aligned with the neck and shoulders because they give a balanced appearance to his upper body.


The feet on the boy are beautiful because they are well proportioned. He does ot have flat feet and he keeps them clean in this naked boy rendering. I have put some shading in between his toes to give some depth of field to this naked boy drawing.