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Nude Cowboy in Profile Drawing #118C

Charcoal pencil figure drawing of a nude cowboy in profile with hat. He has a muscular physique with a 6-pack set of abs.

This is a charcoal pencil drawing of a gay nude cowboy in profile leaning against a post.

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The rendering is done in charcoal pencil with a blunt edge, offering a loft image.

Nude Cowboy in Profile Delineation

The delineation of this drawing is very subtle. Only a few of the contour lines are standing alone. All of the other lines are worked into the shade and shadows made by hatch lines. The medium of charcoal pencil is the key factor in this soft line work.

The cowboy is naked in profile wearing his 10-gallon hat, looking downward. There is a sadness in this image that speaks of loneliness. The cowboy is in dark shadows, yet he possesses an almost three-dimensional figure. This is due to the use of closely aligned hatch lines.

Naked Cowboy In Profile As Gay Sex Art

Everything about this drawing exudes the erotic because he is nude and not looking at you. The naked herdsman is looking down almost hoping that you will approach him. There is a silence in the image because the naked herdsman is not looking at you but rather leaning against a pole.

The dark hatch lines are separated by areas of light to give definition and form to the figure. The male figure is virile and handsome. The lines of the charcoal pencil are thick so as to make the image soft. There are no exact lines in this rendering of the nude cowboy in profile.

Naked Herdsman as Fine Art

The drawing of the naked herdsman is Fine Art because it has attained the highest level of artistic merit. Everything about this drawing of the naked herdsman is authentic and refined, offering clear imagery. A good day for the naked herdsman with a sexy profile wearing a cowboy hat.