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Shirtless Gay Man Drinking Whiskey Pen & Ink Drawing #158C

Pen & ink drawing of a drunk shirtless gay boy drinking Bowen's Whiskey. He is cute and muscular with a 6-pack set of abs.

This is a pen & ink figure drawing of a gay shirtless man drinking a glass of whiskey.

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The young man seems to have had too much to drink.

Gay Drinker Delineated

For the most part this drawing is baded on contour lines. The head, hat, arms, and torso of the young man are done with contour lines. His pecs and corner of his under arm are done with hatched lines because they offer shade and shadows.

Hatched Lines

Hatched lines are very import in a drawing, but not in this one. As you can see only the under side of his ball cap and his pecs are done with hatch lines. The shirtless man drinking whiskey is not in need of many hatched line because there is not much shade or shadow in the scene. Scenes that take place in dungeons or poorly lit rooms require a lot of hatched lines to bring out the mood of the scene. It is best practice to keep the lines germane to the lighting of the scene of the picture.

Shirtless Man Drinking Whiskey Sex Appeal

The drawing clearly has strong sex appeal because he is cute. He is shirtless and cute with a chiseled torso and firm pecs. The scene is clearly one of showing off his goods and he is ready and able to deliver. The young man is looking right at the viewer. There are no overt sex symbols in the drawing because his chest is sending the hookup message. The gay drinker is hot gay boy because of the look on his face and his shirtless appearance.