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Gay Satan Man Torture BDSM #104C

Pencil Figure drawing of a naked man with an erection in Satan's dungeon. He has a chiseled torso and fit abs.

This post is about a pencil drawing of a gay man being tortured for Satan BDSM torture.

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The theme of the drawing is of Satanic torture. In the drawing you can see Satan standing in the background while his demons have tied up a naked gay man in their dungeon. The hot gay boy is tied standing up with an erection of a giant cock and balls. Satan’s demons are circled around the fit young man as the lust after his sexy body.

The dungeon is dimly lit by torches posted on each side of the entry. There is a Gothic archway at the entrance where you can see the fit boy tied up. His figure dominates the drawing because of the contour lines that give shape to his body and hard cock and harry balls.

Satan BDSM Torture Delineated

I always enjoy doing drawings of Satan and BDSM themes because they bring out the deep rooted lust in man. When I commence the rendering I start by using contour lines because the define the figures. In the drawing above you can see the Satan and his demons are all clearly outline with bold contour lines. Contour lines are the best way to make the figure because the offer definition. There is nothing vague or abstract about contour lines because they are vector based.

Hatched Lines

When working with themes that have a lot of darkness I use a lot of hatched and cross-hatched lines. Hatchec lines are short closely aligned strokes of the pencil. When you look at the drawing above, you can see the rooms that Satan and his minions are in, are very dark. The torches on both sides of the entry offer a dim, shadow filled light. Darkness is the name of the game in the drawing.

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Gay Man Sacrificed To Satan Pencil Drawing #105C

Pencil figure drawing of a nude gay man being sacrificed to Satan. He has a muscular physique and a 6-pack set of abs.

This is pencil figure drawing of a gay man being made a naked sacrificed to Satan.

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Above is a pencil rendering of a nude male in a Satanic scene.

Gay Man Sacrificed

Satan is happy because is having his demons tie up a hot gay man for a human sacrifice. As the King of Hell, Satan is going to pick the best for his altar, and that is a beautiful gay man. The man has lovely proportions and a comely face. His hard body boasts a chiseled torso with a muscular 6-pack abs, with firm pecs. The man had beautiful proportions and is a wonder to behold.

Nude Offering Delineated

It is always a pleasure for me to draw a naked man. Nothing in all creation is more beautiful than the human male. When I commece a figure drawing like this one I use contour lines. This is because contour lines are bold and outline the figure. I am very careful when I use the contour line because it can make the figures in the rendering look flat or two dimensional.

Hatched Lines

Hatched lines are used to offer shade and shadows to the rendering and give life to the figure. The hot boy being sacrificed in this drawing needs to have shade and shadows to make him look three demensional. Hatch lines are short closely aligned slash marks that are very effective in making shading. Do not use too many hatch lines in the rendering because it will make the drawing look to dark and difficult to understand.

The background of the scene is a study in high contrast lighting. The demonic figures in the front are clear to see because they are in full light. Satan is in the back of the scene and he is surounded by darkness.