Pen & ink drawing of a drunk shirtless gay boy drinking Bowen's Whiskey.
Alcohol drinkers pen & ink drawing.

Alcohol Artwork ~ Scroll Down

Alcohol drinkers drawings are about hot gay men drinking. Boozers have hard bodies with muscular torsos, chiseled 6-pack set of abs, and firm pecs.

Alcohol Drinkers Delineated

When drawing alcoholics and drunks I am careful to not offend anyone. I am one to enjoy a drink but that is it because I am not one of the boozers. Many gay bars and taverns are filled with boozers. Here are many scenes of hot boys and men that love to get drunk to hookup at local gay bars and saloons. When I draw alcoholics I use contour lines to make and outline of the figure. Boozers are ususal easy to draw when they are sitting at a table or bar because they are not moving very much. I can stand at the bar and do a quick sketch because the movement of the drinker is minor.

Booze Hatched

Drinkers are often seen with or near a bottle because it contains liquor for boozers. Bottles are very solid and smooth figures requiring good line work. To make the bottle or glass look more three dimensional I use hatch lines to make the shade and shadows. The sides of a bottle are curved so I have to angle the cluster of hatch lines to accomodate the curve of the bottle or glass. It is best to use both contour line with hatched lines to get a solid and complete rendering. Contour lines make the outline of the alcohol drinkers and hatched lines fill in the shade and shadows. The shade and shadows give the full body look to the figures in boozers drawings.

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