Watercolor painting of a large harry uncut penis.
Watercolor painting of a large harry uncut cock.

Penis artwork is offered in pen & ink drawings, watercolors, and oils. By far the most popular subject in the gallery, the phallus is the staple of gay art. The cock is done both as a hardon or phallus. In any manner that the penis is drawn it always looks great.

There is great humor and sport in drawing the phallus. Drawings form BDSM torture scenes to fallis skyscrapers. The artwork of the penis is carefully delineated to bring out the beauty of this male organ.

Phallus drawings are clear and detailed to show all of the fine parts. I start drawing the penis with a light pencil sketch because this give the outline of the figure. After I have finished the sketch I start drawing with contour lines because the define the entire figure. I make sure not to draw to firmly because the lines will be too dark and flatten the appearnce of the cock. I like to use firm contour line for hard-ons and fine ones for flaccid cocks.

When I have completed the contour lines I start puting down hatch lines because they give shading. Contour lines are short aligned strokes that make a strong shadow. It is important to not make a lot of hatch lines because they will darken the image of the figure. A hard penis is easier to render than a flaccid penis. The flaccid cock has not clear lines to work from because it is soft.