Naked Boy Showing His Feet with Muscular Torso Pen & Ink Figure Drawing with Dirty Gay Sex Stories #142B


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Naked boy showing his feet is on a bed. The nude boy drawing shows a hard body dude with muscular torso, and a chiseled 6-pack set of abs with firm pecs.

This page is about a gay naked boy showing his feet pen & ink figure drawing #142B.

Certificate of Authenticity
Certificate of Authenticity

Nake Boy Showing His Feet Delineated

This nude boy drawing is a pleasure to talk about here. The drawing shows a very handsome young man in bed showing us his feet. His feet are large and right up front in the drawing because they are the subject of the rendering. The young man is physically fit with a muscular torso, and chiseled 6-pack set of abs. He is leaning up on the bed with his left arm in this nude boy rendering.

Feet Of The Nude Boy

The feet on this hot young man are beautiful because they have excellent proportions. He is showing us his left foot because the right one is hidden behind his leg. His right leg is right behind the large image of his left foot in this nude boy drawing. I have shaded in the dark area between his toes with hatched lines because they offer dimension. His toes are cute and nicely shaped. The hot young man does not have flat feet.


The torso of the hot boy is that of athlete because his chest muscles are firm and pronounced in this nude boy drawing. His nipples rest firmly on his pecs making him a beautiful boy. The Linea alba runs right down from his pecs to his pelvis. All of his muscles are in place and look great. I did not use many ink lines to delineate his chest because it is set back in the composition. The foot in the front of the picture plan is much larger than his torso in this nude boy rendering. Too many lines can ruin the image of the figure because they can darken the surface of his skin. It is best to keep the drawing simple.


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