Bartender Pen & Ink Figure Drawing #196B
Clothed figure drawings.

Clothed pen & ink drawings, watercolors, and oil of figures with clothes on.


As an artist I draw and paint people with and without clothing on because this works for all walks of life. The category of figure drawing almost implies nude artwork but that is not true. In the image of the bartender above you can see is figure while pouring from a bottle and he has cloths on.

Also, when you are at the beach you are still with clothing and revealing your figure. I do like to draw clothed figure with fewer items on so I can denote the figure better. A man or woman under the bed cover are clothed and offer a pointless figure drawing.


Color is an important element in figure drawing as it works with watercolors and color pencils. Not all colored works of art are done in oils. Watercolors work nicely with pen & ink and color pencils because they are translucent. For years I have done pen & ink watercolors and they really make a wonderful compliment to the clothed figures that I have done. Color adds a new dimension to a drawing so it is important to use a medium and texture that compliment line work. Oils can be used with lines for clothed figures, but it takes a lot of paint thinner to do so. I have used chalk and pencil together because they are both linear. They work best with soft lines figures because they do not offer sharp lines.

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