Figure Drawings

Nude gay male standing and wiping himself with a towel.
Nude gay male standing and wiping himself with a towel for figure drawings.

Pen & ink and pencil drawings of male figures. The figures are of gay males in poses for sex acts and modeling male beauty. There are many genres for offering figure sketches so I have narrowed the categories to the most popular themes. For example; cowboys, military, and teacher are among the most sought after themes.

Delineation Of Figure Sketches

Pencil and pen & ink drawings are my favorite medium to draw sketches with. This is because they are vector based, or linear in form. So, when I am drawing a figure from a live sitting or a photographe the power of the lines stands out. Contour lines are the best way to capture the image of a vigure because they give the outline. The contour lines can be light or bold because it adjust with the light in the scene. When I work with pen & ink drawings the contour lines are always bold because the ink is dark.

Hatch lines are used when I need to fill in the body of the figures because they offer shade and shadows. Figure drawings are very demanding because the people in the scene are moving. The hatch lines make the figures three dimensional because they give shadows. Hatch lines are short close aligned strokes that make areas on the figures darker. I am careful not to use too many hatch lines or the figure drawings will become too dark.