Shirtless gay cowboy with10-gallon hat.
Shirtless gay cowboy.

Artwork of herdsmen done in pen, pen & ink, watercolors and oils. Cowboys have always been a very popular theme in the gay community. They offer a rugged, brawney deportment that makes them sexually attractive.

The herdsmen have a lonely and rustic image.  This sets the tone for steamy hot sex between them and other rugged men. Most often they are pictured as shirtless farm hands working on the job. They work out in the sun, exposing their physiques. I use contour lines to draw the  outline of the figures, because they give life to the image. Contour lines are vetor based and will make the figure flat if they are too bold. The contour line is the bread and butter of drawing because they provide the outling of the figure. When I have a group of cowboys in a scene I use lighter weight leads to make the lines thinner.

Drawings and sketches of cowboys are popular. The shirtless male with a 10-gallon hat always wins for sex appeal. Shade and shadows from the hat make great sex imagery. I make use of hatched lines to give form to the figures, because they offer shading. Hatch lines are small, close aligned strokes to make shade and shadows because they darken the figure. Looking at the image of the cowboy in the heading above, you can see the lines under his hat and arms. I am careful not to use too many hatch lines because they can darken the figure and make it difficult to look at or understand.