Pen & ink drawing of three nude gay men in a struggle.
Pen & ink drawing of three nudes in a struggle.

Gay pen & ink drawings, watercolors, and prints of sexy hot naked men and boys.

Naked Figures Delineated

Drawings of nudes are best done with clear contour lines. Getting the form of the figure is best done with hatched line. The contour line give you the form of the nude, and the hatched lines give you the three dimensional look. It is crucial that few lines are to be used to make the figure. Too many lines will spoil the appearance of the image. Lines are structural elements that give way to form. Contour lines are used to make the outline of the nude because they offer form. Look at the drawng above and you can see the contour lines of the two gay men on the left. The male figure on the right has few contour lines because the hatch lines in the background do this.

I use hatch lines to compliment the contour lines because they offer shade and shadows. Hatch lines are short closely aligned stroke penned down together because they are in a series. It is vital to not use many hatch lines. The background of the scene should be a darker tone than the front because the action takes place in the front center of the drawing. Drawings of nudes that have more than one figure need to work with both contour and hatched lines. The best drawings are those that have a balance line tone throughout the rendering.

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Showing 1–12 of 19 results