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Shirtless Young Man Smoking With Pants Down Pen & Ink Figure Drawing #204B

Pen & ink drawing of a shirtless boy smoking with pants down. He has a muscular physique and is cute.

This post is about a gay shirtless young man smoking with pants down pen & ink figure drawing.

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The theme of this post is shirtless males.

Shirtless Young Man Smoking

This shirtless boy smoking drawing is a pleasure to write about here. The drawing shows a hot shirtless boy smoking a cigarette because the cigarette is in his mouth. He is fair in his looks and is toned because he works out. He is sending the message of cruising to hookup because he has his ass sticking out of his pants.

Head Of Shirtless Boy Smoking

The young man has a beautiful head that is pleasingly proportionate to his slender body. He has a full head of thick hair that covers his ears and forehead in this shirtless boy smoking rendering.


The torso of this shirtless boy smoking is buff because you can see the muscles from looking at his rib cage. His right arm is covering a portion of his chest because he is smoking with his right hand. The ribs are part of his torso and they are clearly muscular. I have used hatch lines to show the muscles on his chest and arms of this shirtless boy smoking. There are not many lines in this rendering because I wanted a more delicate drawing. Many pen & ink figure drawings use too many lines with hatched lines and make it too dark.


The light is coming down from the left side of the composition and exposing his back and pants. I have put some hatch lines on his left leg because it is in shadows. The back and ass of the young man are done with just a few contour lines with some breaks in between this shirtless boy smoking. His blue jeans are at the bottom of the rendering and were made with a few strokes of my pen.