Shirtles gay boy wearing blue jeans while pissing. #225B
Piss boy.

Piss Art ~ Scroll Down

Piss artwork comes in pen & ink drawings, watercolors, and oils. Images of hot young boys urinating on each other and drinking their own urine at gay sex parties.

Urine Delineated

Artwork of hot boys and sexy men playing with urine. This yellow gold fluid is the play thing of boys that like the best in gay sex. Drawings show boys urinating on hot men and getting drunk while being pissed on by friends at gay clusterfuck parties. Urine is the prize of all gay men that like to get naked with each other because they can urinate all over the place. Piss is the best because you can get wet and wild with it and then just wash it off. Urine is safe, with no worries about STI’s or other unwanted things because urine is sterile! Like cock sucking, piss is oral.

I have drawings and watercolors of hot boys with big dicks getting pissed in the mouth by older fit men because they want it. These drawings show the flow of urine out of hairy cocks right into the mouths of boys. Many of the illustrations show boys with their tongues sticking out of their mouths because their fuck buddies urinate all over it. Other drawings show hot men pissing on and into the asses of hot naked boys that need warm urine in their ass. Drawings of boys hungry for daddy urine on their face and in their mouth. Nothing is hotter than drawings of naked men and boys pissing all over. This is a great way to play with each other while they get drunk on alcohol.

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Showing all 4 results