Muscular Torso with a Chiseled 6-Pack Set of Abs & Firm Pecs Figure Drawings

Shirtless gay cowboy with 10-gallon hat pencil drawing #184. Shirtless cowboy with a muscular torso and a chiseled 6-pack set of abs & firm pecs
Muscular torso on fit cowboy.

Muscular torso with a chiseled 6-pack set of abs & firm pecs are figure drawings of hot men and sexy boys. Fit body artwork is in pen & inks, watercolors. Illustrations of hot boys and fit young men come either shirtless or naked because they are sexy. Straight and gay men are all represented here because they are beautiful.

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As a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I majored in Figure Drawing & Painting. All day long, and every day I did drawings and paintings of the human figure in the nude, a fit body artwork student. My life practice has been to draw the human figure and it is my pleasure to present my work to you here my fit body artwork.

Male Torso

The male torso is the upper body and chest of the human male because he has a muscular physique which is a great subject for fit body artwork. This area includes the shoulders, delts, pectoralis majors, and the rectus abdominis. I have done many drawings that would be good for medical students because they are so accurate. However, I am more interested in male beauty and fit body artwork than medical protocol. We are all called to beauty and the human male is at the pinnacle of all beauty and the subject for fit body artwork. Fit body artwork can be seen in many genres including: Jack off, orgies, Oral, BDSM, Fucking, Cock sucking, Feet, Piss, and Alcohol.


Muscle is beauty because they offer structure, and a fit body requires this. Beauty requires structure because it is organized. An orchid is beautiful because it has structure. A slug does not have beauty because it lacks structure. Gay or straight, it is the rule of nature that the male sex is the fair gender because it has muscles. From the fish in the sea, to the birds in the air, it is nature’s decree that the male is most fair.

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