Pencil drawing of two naked gay brothers embracing and kissing.
Pencil drawing of two naked gay incest brothers embrasing and kissing.

Pen & ink figure drawings, watercolors, and prints of gay male family sex between brothers, dads & sons, uncles, and cousins.

Incest Art Delineated

Incest art shows fucking, sucking, and kissing between male family members only. Family sex boys have hard bodies, muscular torsos, and chiseled 6-pack set of abs. Gay incest is very popular and I have done drawing to accommodate the demand for the sweet topic. The figures in the drawing are male because they are gay family sex members. I have used contour lines to outline the main figures in the drawing because they show the outline. When the outline is finished, I draw hatch lines on the figures and around them to make solid forms. Hatched lines are used to make the images three dimensional.

Son As Boytoy

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