Gay Boy Toy Drawings

Gay male clusterfuck pen & ink drawing.
Gay boy toy drawings.

Boy slut art of hot boys and men at sex parties and orgies. Images of Hard body dudes with muscular torsos, chiseled 6-pack set of abs, and pecs.

Boy Slut Delineated

Gay boy toy drawings are done in pen & ink figure drawings, watercolors, and oils. Artwork of hot gay boys being used for sexual pleasure of the party goers. Boy slut art is a great way to show your friends what you like in sex. The theme of most of my boy slut drawings are clusterfucks and orgies. This is because they offer a lot of sex action. Some of the drawings show a gangbang where the boytoy is being fucked by everyone in this boy slut art. Other works of boy slut art show dudes getting him drunk. This is because they can take turns at using him for sexual pleasure.

Some of my favorite boy slut drawings are when the boy is in a BDSM prison scene or locked up in a cage. The most important thing in the boy slut art drawings is to show domination over the boytoy. The key is power and good looks because they keep the sex action going. Boy sluts have to be cute, or sex does not work because it requires beauty. If the boy is fat and ugly then there is not turn on because he is gross. However, if the boy is hot and stupid that makes everything good because stupid boys are easy to use and take advantage of. The drunker and dumber the better because these are the ingredients for a good boytoy.

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Showing all 3 results